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Top Wakesurf School in Orlando, Florida

Wakesurf Orlando was established in 2015 as the first premier wakesurfing school in Florida. Our goal is to offer professional wakesurfing lessons to everyone with a keen desire to learn how to wakesurf. It doesn't matter if you are a gym rat or weekend warrior; we want to see you excel at the sport. We have developed an extensive coaching system designed to make you a better wakesurfer through one-on-one private lessons on our top tier wakesurfing boat.

We believe top level training begins with using top level equipment. While plenty of people learn to wakesurf behind boats not specifically designed for wakesurfing, there is an inherent cap on their abilities. Worrying about the wave is the last thing you should have to worry about. Wakesurf Orlando spent over six months testing new model wakesurf boats from all the leading wakeboat manufacturers in the industry. After comparing and contrasting numerous boats, we unanimously decided one thing: the Surf Gate in conjunction with the Power Wedge from Malibu Boats offers the premier wave for wakesurfing. We absolutely fell in love with the wave - not to mention amenities - on the 2017 Malibu 23 LSV and quickly made the decision there is not a more ideal boat for our school. The ability to tune the wave height, length, and shape on-the-fly makes the Malibu 23 LSV the ultimate tool for creating waves according to our student needs.

We weren't content with simply creating perfect waves behind the boat. Coaching wakesurfing creates an expertise in locomotion because we are constantly studying the biomechanics involved with the various movements of wakesurfing. We have watched thousands of wakesurfers on hundreds of different boards to draw one conclusion: using lower cost equipment may help the wallet but hurts your learning curve. Wakesurf Orlando has tested hundreds of leading wakesurf boards on the market and even been involved with the development of a few. We don't believe there is a perfect wakesurf board but there is an ideal board for what each person hopes to accomplish with their wakesurfing skills. In some cases, this might include a quill of boards. Higher quality wakesurf boards use stronger and lighter materials that respond better to inputs from the wakesurfer. The result is a more predictable ride and typically a better learning curve. For this reason, we only use top of line wakesurf boards from Liquid ForcePhase 5, and Black Atlantic.


We watched, we coached, and then we watched some more... the most important part we learned from wakesurfers just like you. Our system of coaching has been developed from working with hundreds of first-time wakesurfers to seasoned pros on the tour. Without all of the amazing students who have graced us with their presence, we would not be one of the leading wakesurf schools in Orlando, Florida.


For more information on how to schedule a lesson, call us at 407.233.7886 or use the contact form below.

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