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Keenan Allen

Wakesurf Orlando Team Rider Keenan Allen Wakeboarding

Keenan "Mean Keen" Allen is one of the most talented wakeboarders on the planet, and simultaneously one of the most humble you will ever encounter. Keenan is a wakeboarding prodigy of Mike Ferraro coaching, which means it isn't a trick unless there is a grab but two grabs are always better than one. Despite such training, if you don't know Keenan, you probably would never guess how talented a wakeboarder he truly is - Keenan is simply that humble. It has been an ongoing joke that we first met Keenan from a Craigslist ad he posted last year selling a Ronix Hoverboard wakeskate. We quickly became friends with a mutual passion for riding behind the boat and our friendship continues to this day. Keenan has represented Wakesurf Orlando riding in the Orlando Weekly Beer 'Merica Demo as well as participating in Above the Wake special events at Lake Ivanhoe. He also works as our special guest coach for wakeboarders seeking to advance their inverted trick skills.

Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina

Sponsors: Jobe, Wakesurf Orlando

Favorite Foods: Mexican or Sushi

Favorite Riders: Aaron Rathy, Daniel Grant, and Raph Derome

Worst Injury: Torn Labrum and cracked shoulder socket

Hardest Trick Learned: Double Grab Toe Back 900

Competitions Won: Tige Boats Trick of the Year 2014 

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