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Sean Sliv Silveira joins the Phase 5 Wakesurfing Team

Sean Silveira joins the Phase 5 Wakesurfers Team

Wakesurf Orlando team rider Sean Sliv Silveira joined the Phase 5 wakesurf team earlier this year competing on the P5 Matrix skimboard and the results have been nothing short of astounding. Silveira has taken home two of the three first place podiums on the Professional Wakesurf Tour and is lined up to take first overall on the PWT. While Sean hasn’t been busy winning the coveted PWT Guitars designed by Victoria Cocchiaro, he has become currently ranked third overall with the Competitive Wakesurfing Association (CWSA) with his sights set on a shot at the world title. We could not be more stoked with his progress this season and look forward to seeing his accolades. Here is a sneak peak at the Phase 5 team rider video premiering soon.


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