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Ballasting your Boat with Lead Wake

What weighs five hundred pounds, wears all black, and looks sexy as can be in your boat?

A) A sea lion in a string bikini

B) Five of the shorter stature Hawaiian Tropic girls

C) Your order of Lead Wake ballast bags

There is a popular adage stating, “It’s the little things that count”. Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about it. Your mother taught you that lesson as a child. And your significant other brings it up in every argument.

But little things can sometimes be lost… like your wedding ring during that last visit to Cancun, or the keys to your house after going on a bender downtown with your best buddies, as well as your cell phone, and dignity…

And little things can sometimes be forgotten… like that time you forgot to get cookies at the grocery store for Santa on Christmas Eve and the kids stayed up all night worried Santa wouldn’t come, which pretty much ruined the whole “who is Santa” phase in their lives. And then there was that one time you forgot to turn the stove off, which accidentally led to burning down the house. And, of course, there was that time you accidentally purchased a Get Well Soon card for your wedding anniversary because you legitimately forgot until ten minutes before dinner that evening… I digress.

One of the little things you should never forget is the day you purchased five hundred pounds of Lead Wake ballast bags because the mailman certainly won’t forget soon. All Lead Wake ballast bags are shipped in Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. "If it fits, it ships"… ALL fifty pounds. Lead Wake owner, Jared Cutler, is convinced his company will be the leading reason for the discontinuation of Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes - he deserves a trophy if this occurs.

Similar to Piaget's object permanence, just because Lead Wake ballast went out of sight when stuffed in remote corners of your boat hull doesn’t mean it went out of mind. In fact, it was peace of mind knowing you would never have to participate in that less famous handle toss challenge, the Tsunami pump toss over the gunwale of your boat. And you would never again have to eat up valuable floor space just to simulate the weight of those fourteen freeloading friends… you know, the ones who show up on the weekends promising to help clean the boat after riding but simply clean out your beer supply then disappear.

These little black ballast bags of joy are the reason you and your family rock one of the largest waves on the lake with only a few heads on the boat.

Oh, you don’t have Lead Wake? Well, that is a shame. You should probably get some.

Lead Wake is the original manufacturer of easy-to-move boat ballast bags. Lead Wake bags are constructed of 1000 Denier coated Cordura nylon fabric, a highly durable material that provides superb resistance to abrasion, fading, mildew, rot, tears, scuffs, and is also quick drying as well as water repellant. Many high-end motorcycle jackets designed to protect riders in the event of a crash are constructed of this same material. The core of Lead Wake ballast bags are one hundred percent recycled steel material wrapped in two layers of double stitched, heavy grade vinyl. There is also an eighth inch foam layer beneath the Cordura shell to absorb impact, eliminate sharp edges, and provide a smooth surface to slide the bags around in the boat - this is vital for protection of the hull and surrounding objects. And to top it off, a convenient two inch nylon strap is attached for easy transport.

The result is a nearly indestructible bag of weight that won’t damage your hull while providing a lifetime of improved performance from your wake boat all contained in one little black bag. Now what could be more sexy than that? If you are still thinking option B, keep dreaming while placing your order at

If you are still reading this, you are probably wondering, “What is ballast?”

Ballast is defined as any material (liquid or solid) used to provide stability to a vessel or structure. Ballast can be applied in any watercraft including unpowered canoes in local lakes to supertankers traversing the planet. Boating is not the only industry where the term is prevalent. The automotive industry uses ballast to balance a vehicle for handling characteristics and as well to create weight-based handicap in certain racing brackets. The aeronautical industry utilizes ballast to alter glide characteristics by changing the center of gravity in aircraft. Ballast is also a term in the electrical industry referencing a series resistor for current in an electrical circuit, which - for the record - should never have any direct association with water. Ballast has been traditionally used in sailing vessels for centuries to counteract heeling (the tendency to lean port or starboard) with materials such as gravel, lead, sand, or stone placed below the waterline. Ballast material is also added to empty sailing ships then removed once added cargo compensates the removed weight. This allows tuning for the proper righting moment… but this isn’t a sailing class.

If you now understand what Lead Wake is and does, you’ve Got Ballast. But to get ballast, you’ll have to order at

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