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Dawn Patrol Wakesurfing Sessions with Wakesurf Orlando

Dawn Patrol Wakesurfing Session with Wakesurf Orlando

Do you remember your first Dawn Patrol?

The abysmal color of night envelopes everything in shadowy silhouette as the house walls hum and moan with pressure changes. The faint electrical whir of the refrigerator clicks off in the distance and the only sound remaining is the symphony of crickets chirping in the natural landscape. The alarm hasn’t sounded yet because every blood vessel and nerve ending has been invigorated by childlike enthusiasm keeping you awake all night anticipating the morn. Everything is packed or at least believed to be as you half-consciously enumerate necessities for the adventure soon to commence while lucidly dreaming. You can smell the faint linger of salty air from memories as your feet twitch uncontrollably, seeking the feel of soft, cool sand between your toes. While sugar plums may be the dreams of many, your visions are blue-green waves crashing on a desolate shoreline before the break of dawn. To surfers, these sleepless nights conspiring to early mornings are known as Dawn Patrol. It is a surfer's right of passage in youth to traverse the concrete highways to reach the ocean waves on half-a-tank of sleep and leave the first morning footprints on the shoreline. Just paddling out was enough to invigorate your day...

And when was the last time you went on Dawn Patrol?

Wakesurf Orlando is proud to present Dawn Patrol Sessions. Starting next week, Wakesurf Orlando will be accepting reservations for 6:00 a.m. wakesurf sessions to accommodate all those lost souls inching along the freeway in their metal coffins while commuting the Interstate-4 corridor. Just because you have an office job doesn’t mean you should miss the morning swell. There is no long commute to the beach and no having to call in late for work; we will have the boat ballasted at the dock and awaiting your arrival. The ocean never guarantees a good wave but Wakesurf Orlando does and you'll have every wave to yourself. What better way to start your morning than a wakesurfing set at dawn? Business meetings will seem a little bit calmer and your smile a lot larger. Walking into the office with a to-go coffee and wet hair will never feel better. Give us a call at 407.233.7886 to change your regular morning commute to a story worth telling.

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