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Wakesurf Orlando Tommy's Malibu 23 LSV Wakesetter Wakesurfing Boat

Learning How to Wakesurf

Surfing is just as prevalent in our culture as Superman yet access is limited to coastal states in particular areas where the coastline is shaped properly for quality waves. And even those opportunities are limited to certain times of year when swells happen and times of day with the correct tide. Naturally occurring waves on the shoreline are not the only solution to get your surfing fix. Since the mid 20th century, surfers have been towed behind boats seeking to replicate an endless wave. The advent of wakeboarding in culmination with technological improvements in the recreational boating industry paved the way for surfing behind a boat to become reality. Boat surfing now hails as the predominant towed water sport with nearly every boating manufacturer having developed an apparatus for a surf system. The only question remaining is why haven't you learned how to wakesurf?

Wakesurf Orlando is one of the top wakesurf schools in Florida. The lakes we coach on are always buttery flat and the wave behind our boat is nothing short of perfect. We have trained everyone from five-year-old first time riders to wakesurfers on the pro tour. We have created a system focused on teaching the fundamentals of surfing behind a boat so that you can continue to progress without instructor guidance long after your lesson has ended. We combine land training, verbal instruction, and video footage in correlation with step-by-step procedures to teach everything required to progress your wakesurfing skills to the next level. We utilize a fully loaded 2017 Malibu 23 LSV wakesurf boat and top of the line wakesurf boards from Liquid ForcePhase 5, and Black Atlantic so your learning curve will never be limited by low quality products. If you want to learn how to wakesurf, your first lesson should be with the professional guidance at Wakesurf Orlando. 


Call us at 407.233.7886 or use the contact form below to learn more about wakesurfing lessons with us!

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