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Fun Things to do in Orlando, Florida

Last year, Florida welcomed 113 million tourists to the sunshine state with over half visiting the greater Orlando area. Local tourist hotspots line the Interstate-4 corridor including Downtown Orlando, Disney World, International Drive, the Outlet Malls, Sea World, Universal Studios, and numerous other attractions. Despite being the uncontested family vacation capital of the world, the first question locals typically receive from tourists is, “What are the best things to do in Orlando, Florida?”. For us, it is nice just to step away from the hustle and bustle of crowds and lines to enjoy the more naturally scenic places Orlando has to offer. Over eight percent of The City Beautiful is covered by water. Central Florida is host to some of the most beautiful natural springs in the world providing year-round swimming, snorkeling, and even scuba diving. Orlando is also host to ecologically diverse lake systems offering equally striking views on long summer days… And the best way to enjoy the lake chains is via boat.


Boating life is a way of life in the peninsula state and it is something every visitor should take the opportunity to appreciate. Orlando is the epicenter for towed water sports in the world. Most of the pro wakeboarding tour riders live and train on one of the many surrounding lakes in the Central Florida area but you don’t have to be a pro wakeboarder to enjoy the scenery. Wakesurf Orlando offers an opportunity for the family to connect like never before. Our spacious twenty-three foot boat has more than enough room for the kids to stretch out and listen to their favorite music on our state of the art sound system while taking turns learning how to wakesurf behind a top tier Malibu Wakesetter. The best part is their cellphones will be directed toward the back of the boat learning, smiling, and laughing as everyone in the family acquires this new skill together. 


Wakesurfing is a family-friendly sport where a rider initially uses a rope to stand up but then catches the wave, lets go of the handle, and begins surfing an endless curl. The boat moves at approximately 10mph (16kph) making this a low-impact sport suitable for all ages. The best part about wakesurfing is you don’t have to paddle for the wave or wait for the set! Wakesurf Orlando stocks a variety of wakesurf boards to accommodate the little guys and the big guys so no one is left out from the experience. We also have plenty of room for friends and family members who just want to watch and enjoy a day on the boat. For less than the price of four theme park tickets, your family could enjoy a half day on a private boat learning to surf from a professional coach on a gorgeous lake away from all the other tourists. Some might call this a fun thing to do in Orlando but we just call it wakesurfing.


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