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Wakesurf Orlando with Brady Wakesurfing a Head High Wave

Best Things to do with Kids in Orlando, Florida

Forget the long lines, chlorinated water, and overpriced food and drinks at water parks in Orlando this year while on holiday in Florida. If you are looking for the most family fun on the water, Wakesurf Orlando should be your destination for a family vacation like none other. Imagine coasting along Florida’s naturally beautiful waterways in a privately chartered premier twenty-three foot wakesurfing boat with a professional coach teaching you and your family the fundamentals of surfing on a perfect waist-high wave. Pick your own music, bring your favorite food and drinks, and have enough room to stretch out without having to worry about the kids running off alone around a water park filled with strangers. Best of all, the whole family is together learning a new and fun activity they can share for years to come.


Wakesurf Orlando utilizes a 2017 Malibu 23 LSV wakeboat for wakesurfing and wakeboarding lessons, and tubing behind the boat if you are feeling adventurous. We carry only top of the line wakesurf boards from Black Atlantic and Phase 5 so your learning curve is never limited by low-grade equipment. Our coach has been involved in water sports for years working with hundreds of children and adults alike to develop a fun and interactive learning experience for all. The scenic Florida waterways are a perfect place to swim, cool off, and enjoy a day on the lake. Additionally, they provide the perfect backdrop for family photographs and videos of your visit. Most importantly, the family is spending time interacting together during family vacation in Orlando. Some might call that priceless but we just call it wakesurfing.


Call us at 407-233-7886 or use the contact form below to discover why wakesurfing is one of the best things to do with kids while visiting Orlando, Florida!

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